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Genius Teamcare - is a franchise based business. Our contracts are carried out by carefully selected franchisees, see our Franchise page.


We have expertise in building decay and reinstatement. Our owner John Crook is a qualified building surveyor, timber treatment surveyor and joiner. We take our experience seriously and conscientiously.




We also have a fully equipped joinery and furniture workshop run by our JoineryFX Franchise: ( https://genius-teamcare.com/joineryfx ), that makes furniture, joinery and garden based products.



Our franchises:


Genius Property 
Genius Property Franchise - (Franchises Available https://genius-teamcare.com/staff)
Turfheads Franchise - (Franchises Available https://genius-teamcare.com/staff)
JoineryFX Franchise
Genius Garden Supplies Shop
Genius Garden Supplies Shop Franchise



Our Brands:


Stay Kleen Windows Brand
Solar Clean Brand
Turfheads Landscapes Brand



Our Management Websites:


Genius Teamcare Staffcare Solutions - Franchise Support
( https://genius-teamcare.com/staff )
Genius Teamcare Clientcare Solutions - Customer Support
( https://genius-teamcare.com/client )
Genius Secure Bill Payments - Bill Payments
( https://secure.genius-retail.com/home )




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  Call: 07436 936 600




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  Restructuring: Genius Property Teamcare LTD



Over the last 6 months we have been restructuring our business. Since May 2015 we have been trading as Genius Property Teamcare LTD (SC506764). On 21 August 2019 we incorporated a second business called Genius Teamcare Limited (SC639426). Genius Teamcare Limited has on the 16 March 2020 officially bought Genius Property Teamcare LTD including all assets, liabilities, licenses/licences, issued share capital and rights.

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Enroll for our Turfheads lawn improvement programme. Visit our dedicated website for more information: www.genius-teamcare.com/turfheads


Our Garden Supplies Shop has products to build a better garden: https://gteam.work/gardensupplies

Turfheads Landscapes. Visit our dedicated website for more information: www.genius-teamcare.com/turfheads

Landscapes to Furniture Design. Visit our dedicated website for more information: www.genius-teamcare.com/joineryfx

Staffcare Solutions

Do you want to start your own business with 100% support from an established company? Visit our dedicated franchise website for more information: