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I want you to communicate – can you do that?

Some factors can happen that make communication more difficult, such as:

Weather – In June and July 2017 Aberdeen has had 169.5mm and 96.2mm rainfall respectively. Compared with 44.2mm in January.

As our teams work predominately outside doing gardening and window cleaning, it is very hard to keep up with demand. If we were to phone all 400 customers each day to tell them we will not turn up, we would spend all our time on the phone rather than getting on with jobs.

Another problem with wet, windy, cold or snowy weather is the delays. We are then behind in all our work, which means we will not complete your job to schedule.

See: https://www.worldweatheronline.com/aberdeen-weather-averages/aberdeen-city/gb.aspx

Complications and extra work – While we work on jobs our customers ask to have extra work done while we are on site. Materials for some jobs aren't ready or delivered, so we will work on other jobs while we wait for materials, then resume the previous job. We don't stand around on site waiting for materials.

This may mean working on three jobs at once. Staying on one job from start to finish is simply not cost effective.

Our business model – 80 percent of our workload is maintenance. Which means during April to September anything from one, two or three week visits, leaving an average of one week per month to carry out capital works. This changes to three weeks capital works per month outside gardening season.

Our team members are well trained in their jobs. It takes time to train new team members to work to the same high standards we demand for our customers. We cannot just take on extra labour, for instance from agencies, as we do not have 100 percent control of them.

As previously mentioned we do not have much time left to phone to let customers know we will not be on their job today. But, we are very interested in our customers and do strive to stay in close contact even if we can only send text messages when we would rather be phoning.


Written by John Crook, Director.


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